Apr 1, 2024

So Proud of My Sis

Hey, I have a new book to share.  And, it is not about strategy or the changing educational landscape!

Many of our readers follow the top children’s and young adults authors as part of their work on developing relevant curriculum around timely content.  And, as part of that work, my guess is that many of our clients may have run across the author Lindsay Currie, an award-winning young adults author of six books including some of the best-selling titles of the past few years.

What they might not know is that Lindsay is my sister!

So, here is a special shout-out to Lindsay this week.  After publishing six recent titles, including “Scritch Scratch”, “What Lives in the Woods”, “It Found Us”, and “The Girl in White”, she has a new book out on Tuesday called “The Mystery of Locked Rooms”.  From what I understand, it has already been pegged as a chart-climber and one to watch. Lindsay’s readers are enthusiastic, imaginative and loyal.  I know what she has in store for them with this book will delight them.

If you know any friends, family, or colleagues who have kids in the 8-12 age range and who simply love mysteries, escape rooms, high-stakes adventures, or friendship stories, recommend “The Mystery of Locked Rooms” to them.  Here are some links to find the book and add to your classroom or office collection.


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