We help schools, colleges and nonprofits create the future.

What We Do

We are an industry-leading, global consulting firm that provides a trusted and durable voice to education and nonprofit strategy.

Why We Do It

To empower independent schools, colleges and nonprofits to transform lives, solve critical problems and enhance communities.

How We Do It

To be the best, small strategy consulting firm on the planet through unrivaled expertise and leadership to the private education sector.

Here's How We Help

Strategic Planning
Strategic Enrollment Management
Marketing Communications
Customized Research


ISA Founder, Chief Strategist

Ian started ISA in 2003 with a notebook computer, cell phone, and a dream of using his skills to transform the education landscape.

Over 20 years, 1300 clients, and four million air miles traveled later, Ian has seen more schools, colleges, universities and non-profits than any other consultant in America.

With 20+ years and 1300+ global clients under our belt, we’ve seen it all.


Thought Leadership

We’ve been writing, speaking and forecasting trends for 20 years, amassing literally thousands of entries since 2010. Our content is shared only on this site to our ISA subscribers, clients and visitors.