Sep 28, 2023

Special Thanks to EMA for Advancing the Conversation on Educational Transformation

Special shoutout to the Enrollment Management Association for their feature article on educational transformation in the recent edition of The Yield. We were stoked to participate but, more importantly, thank you, EMA, for elevating the conversation about how independent schools and colleges continue to lead educational transformation in our industry.

Last week we released an article with a simple premise:

Independent schools and colleges possess the capacity to change the world.

The most precious asset of an independent school or college is their independence. They possess the opportunity to:

  • choose their mission, vision and values;

  • define their own distinct educational philosophy to mobilize that mission and vision;

  • set their own price point;

  • define their own enrollment objectives that are mission-congruent;

  • determine how wish to deliver their services, whether online, in person, in malls, in downtown warehouses.

We continue to be hopeful for a future where independent schools and colleges play the leading catalysts for educational transformation and innovation.

Thank you EMA for elevating this topic in the industry, highlighting the positive trajectory of our schools, and inspiring future transformation in our schools and colleges. We are grateful for your work. Read the full EMA article here.

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