Oct 5, 2023

Waterford Rising – Again

One of the great pleasures of this work is to see clients progress over time. I returned yesterday to Waterford School in Sandy, Utah, where we designed their first ever comprehensives strategic plan in 2017-18. The plan — “Waterford Rising” — held several key strategic planks that galvanized the school — and their donor base — around major programmatic, professional and physical plant strides. Among those enhancements included the Murray Science Center, above, as well as an in-process building of a new student center.

We launched the next strategic planning process during my visit, choosing not to deviate from their selected path but to fortify it. The assumption in this next planning process is to amplify their strategic direction by deepening the same areas of focus, creating the next generation of strategies. We have found this consistency — over time — is what often turns good schools and colleges actually into great, transformational learning organizations. Time on task — with consistency of leadership and strategic direction over time — is the most mature and effective way to advance an organization.

It is wonderful to see Waterford Rising – again.

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