Feb 20, 2023

Going to NAIS? Don’t Miss “How Small Schools Can Thrive”

Heading to the NAIS annual conference in Las Vegas this week? Don’t miss this very interesting session on how small schools can thrive in the most challenging circumstances.

If you could imagine among the the most challenging geographic and demographic regions in the US where you might not think an independent day school could thrive, you will learn the inspiring story of Wheeling Country Day School in Wheeling, West Virginia. Ian and the school team will detail the development of a new revenue center that has expanded market, influence, income and, most importantly, transformation across their region.

We hope to see you there. Here are the details:

How do small schools thrive? Ian Symmonds highlights the sweet spot where market needs intersect with school mission. Reviewing trends impacting education and identifying differences between red ocean and blue ocean strategy, Ian will prompt participants to think beyond accepted boundaries that dictate the way we compete .  For example, Wheeling Country Day School used COVID 19 as an accelerant to develop a new revenue center to sustain the school and evolve student impact. As a small school in a declining market, WCDS has become an innovative disruptor by leveraging technology to deliver specialized tutoring services through the out-of-school network.

Thursday, February 23
1:30 PM (right after lunch)

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