Mar 19, 2021

Ian to Keynote at ADVIS Annual Board and Heads Conference in April

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What will be the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education and what new “new normal” will emerge as a result?

Many education leaders believe that we have arrived at a tipping point of significant magnitude. There will be an end to the pandemic – it is in sight – but the impact of the change and adjustments it has both accelerated and created will be with us for some time. New education models have already emerged and will continue to do so – reinvented schools with distinct characteristics that will drive their resilience in the marketplace.

Education likely will be forever changed, with profound impact on private, expensive, and selective institutions. The consolidation and contraction of this moment in time is real and will continue. Sadly, we have already seen school closures, of both colleges and universities, and independent schools.

How do we develop strategy, design, and prepare our schools for the post-pandemic world? There are strong opportunities for those that can see and act upon them today. Ian Symmonds will guide us through an overview of the current education landscape and a discussion of practices and trends that will both challenge and sustain schools through the rest of this pandemic and beyond.

Ian will keynote and lead a session for the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools on major shifts and trends for education at the annual board and heads conference on April 14th.

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