May 1, 2020

Quick Thoughts on a Friday


As we all plan for an uncertain future, keep in mind that we have many tools at our disposal. In moments of crisis, we are often sheltered from seeing some of our options. We have more options in our arsenal than we think. Here are some of the tools at our fingertips.

  • Independence. Many of the schools and colleges reading this article are independent, meaning your organization has great flexibility and agility in the manner in which you react to environmental circumstances. You can alter your delivery options, scheduling, how you choose to organize capacity, and even pricing for your programs. You get to choose.

  • Ingenuity. We have never seen anything quite like COVID-19 and the impact it is having on education and our industry. Why would we think we need traditional solutions to something so non-traditional? Educators are extremely innovative. Put your design thinking into place.

  • Relationships. The greatest equity we possess among our students and stakeholders is relationships. The care and compassion we foster in our community at this moment in time may just be the glue that keeps households moving forward. Trust the equity in your relationships with people. Your organization may be among the only constants in their world right now.

  • Culture. Our schools and colleges have a knack of developing very interesting learning cultures. Now is the time to lean into your core business and demonstrate it in creative and clever ways. Place-based learning will return in the future, but we have to assume that we can lean into our communities and culture to get us through the short-term.

The primary challenge for the future of education is to create resilient, continuous learning communities where place is preferred, but not required. It is the key foundation for a strong culture and deep relationships in order to build excellence in alternative learning.

Have a great weekend.

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