Apr 1, 2020

Online Learning Enters a New Normal Phase


As educators and their students settle into the start of a new month of online learning, each coming off of different calendars for spring break and semester continuation, we appear to be entering a new normal phase. With the news of a shelter in place policy in most states through the end of April, growing technological skills by students and educators alike, and settling into a work-from-elsewhere routine, things seem to be settling into a routine finally. Both the novelty and harsh reality of working and learning remotely have been lifted and educators are pacing themselves for a longer run.

ISA has forged ahead with current strategy and research projects, as well as hosting a variety of podcasts, webinars, and steering committee meetings with existing clients. Most of the feedback we have been receiving from educators in the process is that the move online has been nothing short of extraordinary. Most educators indicate that this move will stretch and strengthen their community in the long run, yet the short-term challenge and urgency of the move was difficult.

The new normal phase will be marked by increased adaptability to the use of technology as a learning tool, new innovations in remote learning, as well as a growing understanding that COVID-19 has accelerated the inevitable need for education to be adaptable and scalable to disruption. I also sense that now, since the primary urgency for getting learning up and online has been satisfied, schools are seeking new ways to connect and celebrate human touch points, such as graduations, end of year celebrations, and the like. I suspect that it will be a long spring to the finish of the year in May as we enter into the summer.

It is a long road ahead, but we can do it. Together. It is all going to work out.

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