Mar 13, 2020

ISA Response to COVID-19

In response to public health concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, ISA will join the growing number of businesses and educational institutions that have suspended non-essential travel and large gatherings, and have instead fortified online operations as an effective response.

We will be moving Ian’s participation in all scheduled in-person meetings to Zoom conference calls for the next several weeks out of an abundance of caution, and will offer the option to participate via Zoom to clients who may wish to do the same.

ISA is uniquely qualified to function in an online-only format, given that we already make daily use of videoconferencing and project management software to host meaningful discussions that move our planning process forward. These systems are native to our process, and we are confident that our progress and quality of work will not be affected.

We believe that this preventative action will only be necessary in the short term, and Ian will revisit the decision on a weekly basis while our consulting and research work continues.

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