Nov 16, 2020

ISA to Host Joint NCAIS and SAIS Professional Development Series


Join Ian Symmonds and fellow NCAIS and SAIS school leaders for a deep dive into the key components of strategy development and financial planning in a new post-pandemic normal. This four-week, online intensive class launches in January 2021 and has been created and customized as a deep professional development experience specifically for members of NCAIS and SAIS.

Our online intensive will focus on the following key components of resiliency, strategy development, and fiscal planning:

  • Strategic enrollment management in the new normal

  • Retention strategies for post-COVID new markets and families

  • New delivery systems, price points, and financial models

  • Changing competitive realities

  • Rethinking assessment and credentialing models

  • Redesigning our use of time, schedule, and facilities

  • Leveraging technology to personalize and expand learning

  • Strategic partnerships to expand school footprint and learning opportunity

Registered participants in the class will engage in virtual sessions every other week via Zoom. Our learning experience will extend beyond our scheduled sessions, too, as we participants will engage in weekly online exercises using project management and collaboration software.

For more information or to register, please visit the NCAIS website.

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