Aug 2, 2018

Teton Science Schools Select ISA


Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyoming have selected Ian Symmonds & Associates for research and consulting services.  Our work will commence in the fall and continue throughout the year with this innovation ecosystem of learning institutions. We are delighted to welcome Teton Science Schools to our client community and family.

Teton Science Schools inspires curiosity, engagement and leadership through transformative place-based education.  TSS is an organization in northwest Wyoming and Idaho comprised of seven program areas sharing a common vision of education. TSS has been teaching about the natural world and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem since 1967.

TSS is deeply rooted in the outdoors as place anchors and enriches our understanding of the world. The organization has educated, trained and inspired thousands of children, youth and adults, bringing them together through the study of nature and place-based education. TSS serves students from across Wyoming, the Intermountain West, the nation and around the world. 

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