Jul 31, 2018

Revisiting Education, Children, and Poverty in Mississippi

The Mississippi Children’s Museum (MCM) was born in 1994 from the urgent need to improve the health, literacy and well-being of Mississippi’s children. Recognizing a vital need for innovative, creative and engaging educational resources for Mississippi children and their families, and inspired by the success of children’s museums across the country, a visionary group of community volunteers began the extensive process that led to MCM.


Six years ago, ISA completed the first ever strategic plan for the Mississippi Children’s Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.  This initiative was an early effort of our #JustCause campaign. We are excited to announce that we will be building upon the heritage and success of the museum by joining with them to build a new strategic plan for the future. 

We believe education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world and solve extreme poverty.  ISA launched the #JustCause campaign in 2011 to raise public awareness and empower organizations using education to solve systemic poverty.  #JustCause has three focus points:  

  1. We promote education throughout our industry as the gold standard strategy for overpowering poverty;
  2. We consult with select organizations on a pro bono basis which use education as their primary strategy to overpower poverty;
  3. We invest financially in organizations that empower promising young people toward higher education attainment.

We are truly excited to be headed back to Jackson this year to partner with this extraordinary organization.  We will be working alongside their board and administrative leaders to build a plan that will empower the next generation of children in the state.  

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