Jun 25, 2015

A Litmus Test for Brand Attributes and Benefits

Many organizations have a pretty good idea of what they are good at, or even what they believe makes them special.  But, they often struggle in translating their brand attributes into something that is both marketable or memorable.  We have often found that applying three basic tests to any set of brand attributes always helps ensure that they remain relevant and marketable.

Defendable – Is your brand attribute actually defendable?  Is your organization actually really good at it?  Is it a core competency of your school or college?  Are you best in class at this one thing?  If the answer is yes, you have passed the defendability test.

Desirable – Regardless of whether you are good or not at a given brand attribute, do people really want it?  Does your market research tell you it is among one of the most sought after brand benefits or product attributes that your target audiences has identified as important to their decision process?  If the answer is yes, then you have passed the desirability test.

Distinctive – Finally, are your chosen set of brand attributes really distinctive in the marketplace?  Are you one of the only products or programs offered of your type in the landscape of options?  Is there any other organization with this set of brand benefits or attributes?  If your organization can claim these items as truly unique in the landscape of options, then you have passed the distinctive test.

The three “D’s” for one simple litmus test are defendability, desirability, and distinctiveness.  Try them on for size and see if your marketing claims pass this simple test.  If they do, you might be onto something.  If they don’t, you might go back to the drawing board.  

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