Jun 2, 2015

The Right Fit

As the 2015-16 recruiting cycle winds down, independent schools are invariably in a reflective mode, analyzing results and contemplating the strengths and opportunities of their enrollment management team.   What worked?  What didn’t?  Is our team the right team for this market and our culture?   

Enrollment Managers are also reflecting upon the past cycle and pondering successes, challenges, and potential professional moves.  This is the time of year that independent schools may find themselves in a state of transition of Enrollment Management personnel.

We have worked with schools from all over the country in successfully coordinating Enrollment Management  searches, and are considered the “Cinderella” of  DEM searches.  The shoe always fits.  

Our clients have been as varied in culture and market as The University School of Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Crossroads School in Santa Monica, CA, and The St. Andrews Schools in Honolulu, HI.    We are keenly aware of not only the “on paper” skills desired in candidates, but also the nuances of personality and climate that render one a good cultural fit in our client institution.  The vast diversity of our clientele, and history of our partnerships with over 200 clients across the country renders ISA uniquely qualified to recruit quality talent in any market.

If your institution is at this point of personnel transition and hoping to move forward with Enrollment Management professionals who understand the unique needs of today’s market, we hope that you will consider ISA to lead this effort. 


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