Jun 1, 2015

SAIS Selects ISA

The Southern Association of Independent Schools has selected Ian Symmonds & Associates for strategic planning services.  Our work with the organization has commenced and will be completed in the fall 2015.  We are excited to welcome SAIS to our client community.

SAIS is a membership organization comprised of independent K-12 schools throughout the region.  As of June 30, 2014, SAIS has 364 member schools, represents over 200,000 students, and has a staff of 8 FTEs operating out of an office in Atlanta, Georgia.  The mission of SAIS is to strengthen member schools by providing high quality accreditation processes, comprehensive professional growth opportunities, and visionary leadership development programs.  SAIS provides a system of resources to help southern independent schools attain a level of excellence they could not achieve through other means.

SAIS and ISA have enjoyed a long and healthy relationship.  Ian’s first several speaking engagements at the regional level occurred in the early 2000’s with the SAIS heads conference, launching visibility among member schools in the region.  Today, ISA enjoys the largest contingent of our independent school client base in the Southeast and serves perhaps more independent schools in the region than any other consulting firm.  We are indeed delighted to be working with a base of individuals and schools whom we know well and are excited to contribute to their work. 

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