Apr 1, 2014

Just Cause Call for Proposals


ISA is pleased to announce our annual call for proposals for services for prospective Just Cause clients for the 2014-15 academic year.  Just Cause is our campaign to change the conversation about poverty by elevating education as an instrument of social change.  The Just Cause campaign has two essential purposes:

  1. We seek to increase access to quality education for distressed children by changing the conversation about poverty.
  2. We partner with one organization each year to help them achieve their access mission by providing pro bono strategic services to them.  

We take on one research and strategy consulting project per year under the Just Cause campaign, for which we receive many inquiries for services. These are typically pro bono or reduced fee consulting projects assisting educational organizations that serve distressed populations of children or youth.  

Prospective clients should make inquiry to our firm during the academic year.  The selection process is competitive as we are seeking organizations that most closely fit the mission of Just Cause.  We typically select the organization with which we will partner during the summer months, and our projects commence in the fall each year.

Applications must be submitted in writing to ISA no later than June 30th.  Decisions will be determined by July 20th. 


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