Mar 27, 2014

“Grit” and Generational Faddishness

I am fascinated by the current vogue conversation about the need to insert “grit” into our lexicon of core competencies that we aspire of our current graduates of independent schools and colleges.  I’m not in disagreement with the concept; I just find it fascinating that some people perceive this is a new concept.  

The idea of creating students who are industrious, persistent, and hard-working has always been a character value of aspiring youth in the Western world.  Yes, I think most generational research would point to a falling off or slowing of this value among young people today.  However, it is not a new concept, just a refocusing of a felt need on a clear gap.

It simply points to the faddish nature of American education.  We tend to think some concepts, such as 21st Century skills, experiential learning, innovation, or grit and perseverance are new concepts.  They are not.  They are simply a refocusing of the current status quo on what is missing or faltering in our systems.  And, that is best practice.

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