Apr 18, 2024

Three Paths to the Future of Education

Which schools and colleges will lead the industry in the future?  I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this question lately.  From my experience, I see three camps — types — of schools or colleges that will have some role in leading the industry.  They include:

  1. Established and Well-Resourced Brands: These are the few and far between, selective, well-endowed institutions that have historically dominated their markets. These schools will continue to be most expensive and follow traditional business models of high price and high aid.
  2. Innovative Brands Embracing Emerging Technology: These are the smaller, nimble tuition-driven schools and colleges that have embraced technology-based innovation, reducing price and expanding access.
  3. Experientially-Rich, Immersive Placed-Based Brands: These are the schools and colleges that have been blessed with an extraordinary location and have capitalized on it by creating a distinctive and unparalleled environment for learning and special educational philosophy.

And, it only follows to note that, if your school or college is not in the above three categories, it may struggle for market share and leadership.

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