Mar 4, 2024

ISA Seeks Junior Partner

Ian Symmonds & Associates seeks an aspiring junior partner to join our firm, playing a critical role in growing and sustaining our leadership well into the future.  ISA’s junior partner is a newly created position and, as such, will be responsible for a confluence of new and existing duties at our firm.

The junior partner will join ISA under an apprentice model, learning the business from the ground up and shadowing the president directly.  Major duties for the junior partner will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Client duties including project management, consulting meetings, travel, and project collaboration;
  • Research and analysis on client projects;
  • Writing, speaking, and thought leadership across the industry;
  • Participating in our ongoing JustCause campaign and projects associated with it;
  • Social media, promotions and marketing communications;
  • Developing and growing a creative communications division of ISA;
  • Project management duties including scheduling, onboarding clients, managing our project management software (basecamp), invoicing systems and ledger, competitor analysis, survey creation and deployment, passwords and data management.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The position is open in summer 2024.  Opportunities for continued professional growth and exist to include senior partner, full partner, and shared ownership, dependent upon performance.  Compensation will be competitive, including a base salary and revenue sharing.

Only serious inquiries.  Applications can be made via email directly to Ian Symmonds.

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