Jun 26, 2023

What’s the [Future] Purpose of Education?

I want to invite you along on a special journey this summer as I absorb shifting attitudes about education and cultural inflection points, both here and afar. I’ll be traveling throughout the US and abroad — by car, motorcycle and plane — and in small towns and big cities, exploring the role of education in a world that changes so fast it defies even the greatest imaginations.

I am pursuing one key question to people I meet:

What’s the purpose of education in a future of light speed cultural and technological change?

Where am I going? Here’s a sample of places I’ll visit this summer:

  • First stop – Miami. I’ll kick things off later this week in Miami while speaking to school leaders from South American for the American Schools in South America (AMISA) Operations Conference.

  • Small Communities in the Mountains. I’ll chronicle my motorcycle ride through small towns in the intermountain West as I spend two weeks on my bike heading to the National Outdoor Leadership School world headquarters in Lander, Wyoming.

  • Back to My Roots. I’ll head back to the rural midwest for a high school reunion and a connection to my past.

  • Down to Rio. I’ll head down to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for another AMISA keynote, this time to heads of school and board leaders from the South American continent’s strong independent schools.

I’ll post from the road, sharing what I learn along the journey. I hope you will join me, right here, on our blog.

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