Mar 31, 2023

Vail Mountain School Selects ISA

Vail Mountain School in Vail, Colorado has selected Ian Symmonds & Associates for strategic planning. Our work will commence in the summer and continue throughout the academic year. We are delighted to welcome Vail Mountain School to our client community.

For 60 years, since 1962, Vail Mountain School has served the students and families of the Vail Valley and beyond. Not only known for their rich history, a deep sense of community, and strong traditions, VMS is also highly regarded for its commitment to our students.

The journey of education requires blending knowledge with the process of assimilating ideas and ultimately developing wisdom. Inspiring thoughtfulness nurtures lifelong learners who possess four critical VMS attributes: a strong sense of empathy, deep moral character, a commitment to self-advocacy, and the appreciation that we belong to something greater than ourselves.

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