Nov 21, 2022

The Power of Brevity

Most organizational gurus will tell you leadership is all about influence. And, there is no better example of the power of influence than the short, inspirational “How to Start a Movement” TEDTalk from Derek Sivers. If you have never seen it – or need a refresher – check it out above.

Derek gets across a powerful point and teaches several leadership lessons in under three minutes. I have been so fascinated by his style that I looked him up on his website. You won’t be surprised that he incorporates the critical lessons from his TEDTalk in his site. Forget the personal branding, ego and bravado, and long list of accomplishments in nearly every other thought leader website. Derek invites you into his life through brevity of information, giving the reader “just the facts” as you discover more about him.

Brevity is a powerful concept, especially in today’s world. With so much shouting in the digital landscape, Derek teaches us an all important leadership and influence lesson:

Less is more. More or less.

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