Jan 4, 2022

New Topics Coming On Convos

With a new year brings new topics of consequence in our culture and industry. We have some cool, cutting edge topics – with some hip, relevant gurus – coming up on Conversations About the Future, or Convos, for short.

Convos is a video series that examines the future state of play on topics of consequence. Join Ian as he convenes informal conversations with other thought leaders across the globe on the future of education, culture, and community.

Here are some of the topics that we will be pursuing this spring.

Women – What is the status of women in America today? What ground have we made in areas of equality, equity, justice, and empowerment? And, what is education doing to bring about that change?

Deescalation – With everyone shouting at each other, how do we learn how the art of bringing the tension down to hear and understand each other? In other words, how do we become competent at the opposite of escalation to understand fears, violence, indifference, and intolerance?

Confirmation Bias – What is the role of media today? How do our own consumption patterns drive our behaviors, attitudes, and position in our culture? How can we guard against being consumed by our own biases?

Positionality – Our own journey drives our perspective, our views, and colors our approach to living. How can we become aware of our own position and allow it to open up other views rather than close our perspectives?

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