Jul 21, 2020

The Ripple Effect


When you throw one rock in a seemingly calm pond, it creates a ripple effect. It impacts the whole body of water.

Just last week I shared some thoughts on seven major cultural inflection points happening right now in our society. They include 1) global disease, 2) systemic marginalization of people, 3) the move to online living, 4) rural migration patterns, 5) political polarization, 6) global competition, and 7) new community building.

They way I see it, these are seven big rocks that have been thrown into our culture at the same time. At any other time in history, they might stand alone as distinct movements. But, from my vantage point, we have multiple cultural movements happening at the same time. The impact on lives, industry, and culture will be significant and permanent. The water will be choppy for awhile, so we are best to prepare for the long-term.

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