Jun 26, 2020

Increasing Our Focus on Personal Wellness


The state of our world is in a mess. And, it will probably get messier before it gets better. Based upon my conversations with colleagues and clients, people are not well.

That’s right. They are not well.

Anxiety. Stress. Worry. Whatever you want to call it, people are struggling with the realities of the world at the moment. And, let’s be honest, people have a lot on their minds.

Our current state of affairs includes a global pandemic, racial division, inequity, economic recession, and political divisiveness. And, this is in an election year.

I think we have all learned the importance of social emotional care for each other during this crisis. As your school or college is busy making plans for reopening, my hope is that personal wellness is at the top of your list. Let’s make intentional the care and nurture of others. It is foundational for learning to take place.

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