Jun 2, 2020

Will We See a Rise in Rural Living?


It is fair to say that the term “resiliency” is trending in the academic sector. It is not a new idea or concept. But, it is the most recent term that we have affixed to our industry since “sustainable”, “accessible”, “community”, and “diversity” took a foothold in the past decade or so.

Are we on the forefront of a new trend toward rural living? Sometimes a confluence of circumstances and variables receive enough traction in popular culture to create a new trend. For centuries, people have flocked to urban areas to access employment, healthcare, culture, and greater economic mobility.

As America continues to struggle with the coronavirus, riots, civil unrest, economic disparity, urban congestion, income loss, and a health crisis, I wonder today about a potential trend toward simpler living in the future. As the pandemic has proven, many people may not return to traditional place-based jobs – or learning environments. This will enable many to utilize technology to work and learn from anywhere. Will they move out of the city to avoid the high cost, greater risk, and safety compromises that come with urban living?

As we hopefully emerge out of the pandemic and civil unrest over the next several months, I will be watching closely to see if North Americans begin to opt for a simpler life migrating to a rural life.

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