Apr 17, 2020

ISA Launches Near-Term Strategic Planning Initiative


Extraordinary times require adaptive measures. The world in which educational institutions operate today require greater agility and fluency in strategy development than ever before in history. Disruption will be part of our foreseeable future, whether it Is from competitive, environmental, or economic forces. For many or most institutions, strategic planning needs to look different in order to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

Ian Symmonds & Associates has launched an initiative designed to assist small colleges and schools in developing near-term strategic plans that address unsettling or disruptive circumstances, Near-term planning processes are focused developing strategic initiatives that are primarily driven by a 24 to 36 month time horizons.

This new initiative differs from more traditional planning processes in that the process is nimble, takes place over a highly compressed timeline, it is managed digitally, and focuses on the short-term sustainability of an organization. Specific elements of the process include:

  • One month process, start to finish;

  • Small design team/steering committee that is nimble and strategic (seven or fewer key stakeholders);

  • Digital collaboration of our project by ISA using our trusted tools of Basecamp and Zoom;

  • Critical enrollment revenue, program delivery, positioning, and financial scenario building initiatives are developed.

For more information about these services, please contact Samantha Foley, lead project manager, via email at sam@iansymmonds.org to schedule a discussion with us.

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