Apr 13, 2020

How Much Change Does the Future Hold?


How much change will the future hold for the education industry? I guess that depends upon what motivates and inspires change. A wise mentor once told me that change occurs at two very different levels and tends to produce, therefore, two very different outcomes.

  1. Short-term change tends to be motivated by fear or trepidation about the future. Fear is an external motivator and forces change to happen as a method to avoid negative short-term consequences. Once those consequences have been avoided, things tend to go back to normal.

  2. Long-term change is inspired by transformation and opportunity. Transformation is an inside-job, meaning that is inspired by an internal desire for change and a deep awareness of the opportunities and possibilities of that change.

Every crisis breeds opportunity. Education reformers have been making the case for profound change in our system and industry for decades. Now, we have met a crisis face to face that has forced us to reimagine education around the student experience and what matters most.

Will we go back to how things once were before COVID-19? I am sure that we will all desire some return to stability and normalcy. But, I am also sure that the real opportunity for long-term change will linger for a moment, allowing educational strategists to realize the learning future of which they have only been dreaming.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to capitalize on this moment.

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