Mar 31, 2020

Ian Shares COVID-19 Enrollment Strategies on EMA Podcast

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Ian was interviewed and featured today on the Enrollment Management Association’s podcast, Enrollment Spectrum. The content in this podcast focused on a simple principle: ensure your school’s future enrollment by thriving in this new normal of online education. Hosted by long-time colleagues and friends, EMA’s Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl, the podcast focuses on enrollment strategies and tips by thought leaders throughout the world.

Feel free to play the podcast here.

Enrollment Management Association also launched a groundbreaking series of resources for schools last week. The COVID-19 Resources for Schools program launched and is now serving thousands of educators across the nation and world as they seek real-time resources to guide their decision-making for enrollment planning during the COVID-19 crisis.

Kudos to the EMA team for the hard work and resources they are sharing. This is a first-class organization really stepping up to be a point of service in this moment of crisis.

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