Oct 19, 2020

A Boots on the Ground View of Learning in the Pandemic

I just finished a whirlwind of campus visits to ISA clients across the East Coast and the Midwest. I got a first-hand view of how our clients are pivoting in this new normal of pandemic learning. I saw blended, hybrid, outdoor, and fully remote learning in action across states including Florida, South Carolina, New York (city and suburbs), Philadelphia, and Dayton. Our project design teams and steering committees met while I was on campus both physically and remotely, practicing what students across the nation are doing.

While it is our company policy not to travel during the pandemic, I felt I needed to make an exception to see some of this extraordinary work in action. And, I have to admit, it was amazing to see the flexibility, care, love, and intentionality that is being exhibited in our client schools across the nation. Yes, the travel was very difficult and likely not to be repeated anytime soon, I left fortified by the quality of flexibility in this moment.

As an industry, we are meeting the moment. The question that I find myself pondering is whether we are meeting the future. More of this later this week.

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