Dec 13, 2019

ISA to Launch Strategy Collaborative in 2020

We are excited to announce Ian Symmonds & Associates will launch the Strategy Collaborative in 2020. The purpose of this initiative is to bring together some of the best minds in educational strategy development in an online collaborative forum. We expect to launch the online platform in early 2020.

Strategists are a special group of people. They identify strategic solutions to solve systemic problems. They see opportunity out of challenge. They drive new innovations in the industry. Among the greatest gifts of working with our clients across North America during the past 15 years has been the opportunity to develop and foster relationships with some of the greatest thought leaders in independent education. We have learned that some of these leaders are often working in roles where they are challenged to meet and connect with colleagues that share their interests, orientation, and disposition.

The Strategy Collaborative will be a digital sandbox for discussion and collaboration on issues facing the advancement and proliferation of high quality education in the future. The primary purpose of the collaborative is provide a safe, confidential space for thought leaders to exchange, test, and advance ideas, providing valuable professional development as well as a venue to trust idea generation. Members of the collaborative will utilize this free service to identify, discuss, and test assumptions and models about educational pricing, delivery, accessibility, and other critical strategic issues facing education.

We have been busy at work identifying some of the initial members, rules of engagement, and the ongoing role of the Strategy Collaborative. We anticipate the initial group roughly 20 members and will be extending invitations early in 2020. If you are interested in learning more about this collaborative, joining the group, nominating potential members, or have questions, please DM Ian @iansymmonds on Twitter. Ian will be serving as the moderator of the group.

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