Oct 9, 2019

What We’ve Learned

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Ian Symmonds & Associates (ISA) launched formally in the spring of 2004. Over the past 15 years, we have served over 500 private schools, colleges, universities, and non-profits in every state and a handful of countries beyond ours. Given our broad experience and exposure through writing, speaking, and consulting engagements, many of our readers have come to count on ISA for looking forward and identifying future trends that will impact our industry. We have written and spoke relentlessly on topics such as the future of education, #edutrends, and the pivot points in our culture.

This month we are embarking on a new journey: looking backward. In an effort to celebrate our first 15 years, we are launching a new blog series called “What We’ve Learned”. The series will feature regular entries on our experiences, observations, and insights from traveling this nation and working with our clients. I learned in college as an undergraduate historian the value of looking backward, that the the best predicator of future behavior is often past behavior. In a similar fashion, we are going to share our lessons learned to celebrate our first 15 years and provide some value to our industry.

Of course, we will continue to write and speak about the future. It is in our DNA. But, we also recognize the value in looking backward for context and understanding. Watch for our posts here and in our social media accounts. We will title each post under the What We’ve Learned category and include hashtags.

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