Aug 13, 2018

High Mountain Institute Selects ISA

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High Mountain Institute (HMI) in Leadville, Colorado has selected Ian Symmonds & Associates for strategic planning services.  Our work will commence this highly unique organization this fall. We are excited to welcome HMI to our client community and family.

HMI is both an academic school and a wilderness programs provider. As a fully-accredited independent school, HMI brings high school juniors and seniors from all over the world to their campus in Leadville, Colorado for a single semester of place-based academics and wilderness expeditions. In this environment, students can connect with their best self and become more engaged learners, community members, and citizens.

As a summer programs provider, HMI offers courses for middle and high school students with an emphasis on backpacking in the Colorado Rockies, intellectual inquiry, and experiential education—all to spark a desire for exploration and growth, and to set students on a path of self-discovery.

Finally, as a gap year provider, HMI leads high school graduates on three-month traveling courses through Patagonia and the American West where students pursue outdoor adventure while gaining experience in the field of environmental conservation. By taking this time for exploration, students are set up to make the most of college and beyond.

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