Jun 13, 2018

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I am deeply looking forward to joining my colleagues at the MISBO Fall Conference in October.  I will be keynoting the conference which will focus on the theme of the conference is “Aspirations to Operations”.  I am dedicating a portion of my summer writing to some key questions in preparation for the conference.  

For the past several years independent schools have been asking some big questions. Are we still relevant in today’s world of ever-changing education? What will the students of tomorrow need, and how do we anticipate those needs? Do we have the right mix of programs, facilities, faculty, and technology to support those needs?  

These are all excellent questions that need answers – and good ones.  From my vantage point, there are three questions that are so pressing – so urgent – so relevant – that the independent school has to answer them soon…and get the answers right.  They are:

  1. What will be the role of education in the future? 
  2. What should “high quality” educational models really cost?
  3. How should education be delivered to the consumer?

I will delve into each of these questions throughout the summer as part of my writing journey up to the conference.  I invite you to join us in the critical conversation by 1) following and contributing to this blog series and 2) registering for the conference. You can learn more about the conference and register online at https://www.misbo.com/events/fall18.  

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