Mar 22, 2018

Changing the World Through Education

I’m feeling a bit inspirational and a need to stay grounded in our cause this morning.  Nelson Mandela reminded us that education remains the most powerful tool to change the world.  That sentiment became the foundation of our #JustCause campaign.  As we look to the future, we know that the work of education – particularly independent schools and colleges – can continue to play the primary role of transformation of people and culture.  

No matter how divisive and hurtful our geopolitical context, I know that education will continue to transform people and that love will always win. I believe the values of the 21st century can be largely dictated by the work of our independent schools and colleges.  How we define, shape, and solve our accessibility is not so much about our own sustainability, but the rather the health and well-being of our future. 

Education does equal transformation.  Here’s a quick reminder of what we are really working for in this video by U2 celebrating the work of Nelson Mandela.  

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