Jun 24, 2017

Portland Tennis & Education Becomes Next #JustCause Focus


Above > Portland Tennis & Education hosted an event on Friday night celebrating Latino and Hispanic access to the program.  Participants enjoyed dinner, games, tennis instruction, and a stronger understanding of the program.

Our collective #JustCause campaign will begin working more closely with Portland Tennis & Education this summer and throughout the school year.  Portland Tennis & Education (PT&E) exists to strengthen and inspire families to reach their potential. The students are immersed in a community where sportsmanship, collaboration, civility, and peace are valued, taught, and practiced. Students are mentored in social and academic skills. Families are supported in raising their children. Our village gains strength and stability as it continues to nourish and mentor our children.

Portland Public Schools recently reported that only 67% of students graduate from high school in four years, with many failing to get their diplomas. Gang activity is also on the rise in North and Northeast Portland, with minority and at-risk students particularly impacted. To address these alarming trends, PT&E delivers proven academic and athletic services that foster self-sufficiency and help participants develop the skills and confidence to succeed in school and beyond. Our focus on parent education and citizen engagement also promotes healthier lifestyles for families and the broader community. 

PT&E delivers its year-round, tuition-free program to children who qualify for the federal Free & Reduced Lunch program–an indicator of low household income. Children attend the program 640 hours during the school year and 280 hours in summer, developing the academic, athletic, and life skills they need to reach their potential.

We believe education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world and solve extreme poverty.  ISA launched the #JustCause campaign in 2011 to raise public awareness and empower organizations using education to solve systemic poverty.  #JustCause has three focus points:  

  1. We promote education throughout our industry as the gold standard strategy for overpowering poverty;
  2. We consult with select organizations on a pro bono basis which use education as their primary strategy to overpower poverty;
  3. We invest financially in organizations that empower promising young people toward higher education attainment.


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