May 22, 2017

Hot Fun in the Summertime?


Just under thirty years ago when I was getting started in this industry, the pending summer promised to provide an ample opportunity for analysis and reflection. It was during the summer that we would close our recruitment efforts, analyze our efforts, and plan for the coming year. We always seem to have several planning retreats and operations seem to move at a slower pace.

We all know those days are gone. Most private schools and colleges work tirelessly throughout the summer, finalizing the incoming class, stomping out attrition fires, and putting the finishing touches in a hard year of execution. The challenge remains, though: we all still need that time for analysis and reflection. It allows us to plan for the future in a thoughtful way.

How is your team planning to plan this summer? How will you take a deep dive into your data and make informed decisions for the future? And, most importantly, how are you making time to do these important planning activities? 

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