Feb 20, 2017

New Series: Who Owns Strategy & Planning?

Among the most frequent questions I get asked from current and prospective clients is “who actually owns strategic planning?”  In other words, it is under the ownership of the board of trustees as a governance process?  Or, is the ownership of the head of school or college president, as an act of hired personnel ownership?  Or, perhaps it is some combination or hybrid of these scenarios, working together to create a long term vision of the organization.  It turns out that the answer to this question will tell you a lot about the maturity and function of the organization that is asking.  

Throughout the next ten days, we are going to outline different scenarios for strategic planning based upon the maturity of the organization.  And, we are going to start with who the client actually is in the strategic planning process.  Keep watching our blog, Twitter, and Facebook feeds to follow along in the series. 

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