Dec 18, 2017

Practicing Integrated Marketing

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The notion of integrated marketing has been around for long time.  In the education sector, we have been using this language for at least 15 years, first at the higher education level followed by the primary/secondary sector.  I am still surprised how many schools and colleges fail to meet this simple test on their marketing message with so many tools at their disposal.  

The theory integrated marketing, in the simplest of terms, means “no matter the medium, the message and design of delivery does not change”.  In practice, this means that websites, push emails, social media, print media, advertising, and all other collateral have a matching set of messages and design.  It starts with a clear positioning platform, set of key messages, and an effective design palette – led by a clear graphic identity – that is coordinated through all media. One of the great advantages of integrated marketing is that it promotes a “one voice” impact for an organization.  It promotes simplicity and synchronicity of message to ensure that your organization is experienced by audiences the same way through all media.

Make practicing integrated marketing a priority with your organization.  Your audiences will appreciate the ability to recognize your brand easily.  And, with all of the tools available today, it should be the most cost effective and foundational effort in your marketing program.

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