Nov 10, 2017

Sidwell Friends School Launches Strategic Plan

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idwell Friends School in Washington, DC has completed and launched their new strategic plan.  “Lead in the Light: Empowering Students to Let Their Lives Speak” is an ambitious plan for the school and lays out the priorities for Sidwell Friends over the next five to seven years.  ISA worked with Sidwell Friends School over the past 15 months to construct this strategic plan. 

The plan places students firmly at the center of goals designed to enhance the school’s ability to deliver Quaker education in the nation’s capital at this particular moment in history. Developed in response to the School’s extraordinary opportunity to purchase property next to our campus, the strategic plan consists of four goals: 1) Unify the Campus, 2) Imagine the Future of Learning, 3) Inspire Ethical Leadership, and 4) Welcome a Wider Community.  

We are very excited about this strategic plan and congratulate the school on the completion of a remarkable process.  To view or download the strategic plan, please visit the Sidwell Friends School Strategic Plan website or visit our Work page. 

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