Aug 8, 2016

Lessons Learned #12: Educators Are Incredibly Optimistic

Educators are incredibly optimistic.  Really. If there is any lesson I have learned more often with schools and colleges it is this:  educators are genuinely optimistic.  Through internal turmoil, strategic challenges, demographic shifts, and economic corrections, educators seem to take it in stride.  

My experience with independent schools and colleges is that educators – and specifically faculty – are prepared to weather a tough storm if they believe there is true value in the institution.  And, often their optimism defies the odds.  Declining enrollment and low salary increases have been two of the most often felt challenges by schools and colleges during the past decade, and yet faculty generally take it in stride.  Don’t get me wrong; they are not happy about their circumstances.  But, they don’t let short term circumstances define their long term point of view.

Lessons Learned #12?  Educators are incredibly optimistic. And, I am grateful to serve these great organizations and industry sector where hope always sits on the horizon.


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