Jun 24, 2016

Brexit, Presidential Primaries, and Sit-Ins: Change is on the Menu

No matter how you slice it, we are experiencing a shift in what culture wants and expects from our leadership and systems.  Consider the major shifts occurring in just the past few weeks.

The decision yesterday for the UK to leave the European Union signals a generational shift in alliances in Europe that experts predict will have a landmark ripple effect on the balance of the West.  Short-term implications were predicted, such as the impact on current financial markets, but only time will tell if this is the beginning to a massive shift or not.

The current status of our presidential race features an uncommon candidate adding to a roster of two highly unpopular candidates.  Add to it that the Trump campaign has been among the most unconventional, lived out through social media.  It would seem that Americans want change more than any other quality. 

A house divided is what we really experienced between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of gun control and the overnight sit-in.  And, the social media coverage by participants through apps such as Periscope added another layer of distinction to the event, bucking traditional news coverage. 

I am no political pundit or expert, but a trend watcher.  Change is on the menu.  It may – or may not – be on the horizon. But, it is clear that a cultural rebellion against our expectations of leadership and the systems that support them is what is happening here.  

And, the walls come tumbling down. 

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