Apr 26, 2016

Pillars of Strong Recruitment Strategy

A robust admissions program has to include an active recruitment strategy. Depending on your market, your school configuration, and the current status of your enrollment, your strategy needs to match where you are and where you need to go.

However, there are a few “pillars” of strong recruitment that apply to every school, regardless of the variables.

1)   Relationship, relationship, relationship. We know that word of mouth is our best source of referrals. What are you doing to nurture, support, and enhance relationships with the constituencies of your community, both inside and outside your school?

2)   A willingness to think creatively and out of the box

3)   Brand clarity and recognition

4)   Invitations to experience your school in a variety of ways

5)   Effective follow up

Schools are typically doing “fine” in most or all of these areas, or, they are completely ignoring one or more pieces. Rarely do we see a school doing everything well, and that’s ok. The catch is to know your school, your market, and the specific needs of your enrollment plan. Depending on your stake in the marketplace and the strengths and deficiencies in recruitment, your need to focus on particular elements will change. 

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