May 21, 2015

Launching Research in San Francisco

I was on the Adda Clevenger School campus in Central San Francisco conducting listening sessions and focus groups with parents, faculty, and staff.  It was an invigorating visit to a school that is truly unique in the landscape of independent schools in the Bay Area.  The visit was a prelude to a larger strategic research project we are conducting with the school, which will continue on this summer and into the fall.  

The Adda Clevenger School was founded to encourage the intellectual, social and physical development of students who are able, and have the desire, to learn, grow and achieve more, and to do so more quickly, than their peers in the general population. The whole child – mind, body and character – is fostered to maximize educational success throughout the years of formal schooling.  Fundamental to the Adda Clevenger School experience is that students are actively engaged in the classroom and in school life; the development of passive learning habits, indolence and social detachment is actively discouraged.

Our project commences in May and continues through the fall, resulting in a strategic marketing plan and some creative refresh of their materials.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress!

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