May 1, 2015

The Success of Duke School

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a wonderfully successful client story today.  I visited Duke School in Durham, North Carolina, where we completed a strategic marketing plan just over five years ago.  The school not only embraced our recommendations, including mission, vision, and values statements, but also demonstrated an acumen for execution rarely seen among independent schools.  Today, the school enjoys stronger messaging, visibility, positioning clarity – as well as one of the most well-established educational philosophies we have had the pleasure of which to serve.  It is no wonder the school has full enrollment with mission-centered students and families and demand exceeding capacity.  

Duke School was established in 1947 as a lab school for the benefit of students in the departments of psychology and education at Duke University. Today, Duke School serves as a leading educational institution both within the Triangle and wider educational community. Its teaching methods continue as a model for both public and other independent schools, and its unique child-centered, project-based integrated curriculum continues to adapt to serve a variety of learning styles.

If you are ever in the Research Triangle and seek to visit a school with a clearly established, mature educational philosophy grounded in project-based learning, check out Duke School.  On campus you will find a thoughtful and engaging culture of learning rarely witnessed among peers.


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