Mar 18, 2015

Calling All Ed-Activists > Support KUZA Now!


Since 2010, ISA has established an identity around what we call “Ed-Activism”, leveraging education as the most strategic solution to structured poverty.  Under the campaign of JustCause and more recently ISA-X, we have partnered with countless organizations to advance their strategic agendas to change the conversation about poverty.  And, this year, KUZA Program is our 2015 partner. 

Right now, KUZA is participating in a competition to get established on the Global Giving website as a permanent partner. 

What this means is that KUZA will be able to post pictures and projects so that people all over the States and the world will be able to donate to support KUZA.  They reach an entirely new audience with this cause!  That’s pretty cool.

The good news is, today, Wednesday the 18th, Global Giving will contribute 20% to every donation that’s between $25-$1000 until their matching grant of $10,000 is depleted.  The projects with the most funds raised and most unique contributions given tomorrow will be awarded an additional $1000 from Global Giving!  

Can you help KUZA blast ahead of the competition by checking out their Global Giving page and making a special contribution to the cause?  Here’s where to find them:

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