Feb 12, 2014

Ed-Activists and Peaceful Revolutions

Ian keynoted at the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy Odyssey Fundraiser Luncheon yesterday at the Chattanooga Convention Center.   His topic focused on education as a tool of social transformation and as the primary success factor for solving poverty.  Charging community leaders and attendees who support the school as “ed-activists who were waging a peaceful revolution on poverty”, Ian laid out research on the individual and community benefits to educational attainment.  

The luncheon was the fifth annual benefit for CGLA.  Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy opened five years as a charter school serving girls from the inner city. The curriculum has a high focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and sends nearly 100% of its students – most of whom emerge from low socioeconomic groups – to college.  A surprise appearance from country star Jimmy Wayne, who has his own story of overcoming poverty, ended the event.  Check out his performance with some members of the CGLA choir below.

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