Nov 7, 2014

KUZA – The Power of Leadership on Cultural Transformation

JustCause. Perhaps the greatest expression of love is to help someone achieve their potential. It is simply unacceptable when poverty stands in the way of child’s shot at a great future.  Poverty has many faces – low income, malnutrition, inadequate medical care – all worthy issues, but they reflect symptoms of a larger problem.  But, the data tells us that education is the only antidote that breaks the cycle of structural poverty.  Success occurs when children in distressed circumstances see a path out of poverty attainable through education.  Don’t get us wrong – medicine and aid go along way in sustaining a life in poverty.  But, education is the game changer.  This is the simple philosophy of our JustCause campaign.

The Future is Africa. In recent months, Ian has given a few keynote talks on educational trends and has highlighted the critical confluence of resources, education, and growth in Africa. While the Western world may be preoccupied with India or China as major world powers in education, innovation, and industry today, all data points that the future is Africa. Portland-based and Uganda-focused KUZA has been a strategic partner of our JustCause campaign for three years.  We believe that lives are changed through education. Indeed, education is the proven method to break the cycle of poverty. But true and lasting transformation does not come from book knowledge alone. Personal transformation, the kind that spills over into the lives of families and communities, must be cultivated in a safe and supportive environment. And, that is just what KUZA does better than any other organization we are aware.  

Take a look at this short video and see for yourself.  The future is Africa – and one organization is taking Uganda to new heights through the education, growth, and mentorship of young leaders in their own communities.  To learn more, visit the KUZA website.


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