Oct 13, 2014

Mind the Gap – Organizational Change vs. Organizational Capacity

One of the areas of which we are most mindful in strategy work with independent schools and colleges is the distance, or gap, between 1) organizational need for change and 2) organizational capacity for change.  It is not unusual to find an organization in which all research points to an urgent need for change, such as a repositioning or even a rebirth.  The challenge is that the preconditions for needed change don’t exist internally.  There is not enough capacity, or thirst, within the organization to bring about the needed change.

The distance between the organizational need for change and organizational capacity for change is often the most critical quotient a school or college must address.  During the next week we will post a few different examples of Minding the Gap with fresh ideas on how to manage change within your school or college.  Our first installment tomorrow will be focused upon creating awareness of needed change.  

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