Jun 17, 2013

The U2 Effect

Most people who know me well are well aware of my found appreciation for the rock band U2.  I have been a fan for nearly 30 years, love their music, and even took my kids out of school to see the U2 360 Tour live at the Rose Bowl.  But, what most don’t know is why I appreciate them for far more than their music. 

U2 is perhaps one of the most strategic organizations I have observed.  From a pure marketing perspective, they have been operating under the same positioning concept for three decades: peace, love, and justice.  While their music has changed over the years, they have undeniably used this platform to not only sell music, but change the world.  Their activist strategy has push their ongoing relevance.  They have an uncanny ability to remain relevant through changing times and aging voices.  They insert their voice into issues that are relevant to the times.  They are still one of the few bands that you will hear all ages not only listen, but also relate.

For a dose of their most recent market relevance, check out this acoustic version of Sunday Bloody Sunday, just released by the One campaign, to focus on the elections in Iran.   


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